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Fat Friendly Guide to Portland

Are you new to Portland or new to fat positivity? I remember when I found fat positivity I wished I had a resource to find all of the things that I wanted in one spot. Fat friendly community events, fashion, movement and health care are so important! The magic that happens when you finally get to be in spaces that consider who you are and what you need is unparalleled.


Fat Friendly Guide to Portland

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Clothing Stores and Designers

Are you curious where you can find the best clothing to fit your body?

Well, we've got you covered for a wide range of cost! Finding clothes that fit you and your style shouldn't be a hassle. Fashion for fat people has evolved a lot. Fortunately, Portland is a hub for fat clothing options!

You will find a description of style, size range, location, and contact information for each store and designer.



Are you ready to flip the script on all things movement? 

Many fat people have not been allowed to experience movement in a pleasurable, joyful, and/or intuitive way. Often we associate it with obligation, punishment, some previous terrible experience. Each of the resources in this guide are vetted to be warm, welcoming spaces to be in your body in the way that feels best to you on the day you show up! There is a range of accessibility options, movement styles, and facilitators. 

You will find a description of the type of movement, accessibility, location, and contact information for each offering. 

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community events

Want to know what it feels like to be in a room with predominately fat people? 

I know, right?! You're probably used to being the only fat person or the fattest person in any given setting. Connecting with other fat people in a fat friendly and affirming environment can be one of the most healing experiences for those of us who aren't used to being celebrated without taking anymore effort than showing up. Something magical happens when we can come together. 

You will find description of the event, accessibility, and location information for each event. 

Physical and Mental Health Care

Do you feel like looking for a fat friendly provider is like looking for a needle in a haystack?

Well, you kind of are. And there is great network of fat people in the Portland area that discusses and recommends fat friendly providers in various specialities. You deserve to have health care providers who treat you with respect, compassion, and care. You deserve to be treated as a whole person. You deserve to have your concerns heard without be offered weight loss as the solution to them. 

You will find a list of providers, their specialty, location, and when possible a firsthand review. 

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