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Photography by Amanda Ayala

Photography by Amanda Ayala

We know that the answer has always been love. The question is how
do we stop forgetting the answer so we can get on with
living our highest, most radically unapologetic lives.
— Sonya Renee Taylor

I'm so excited you found Resilient fat goddex!

I write about all the things body liberation, fat liberation, eating disorder, queer, trans, and body positivity related. 

Working with people to recover from eating disorders and diet culture is a major part of my work beyond writing.  In addition, I am a consultant and trainer for health care and wellness professionals that want to improve their relationships with clients/patients in larger bodies, queer, and trans people. Lastly, I am a medical advocate for fat people seeking equitable treatment from their providers.

I promote equity, inclusion and liberation as core values of Resilient Fat Goddex. Read my full ethical statement

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