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Making Body Trust® Yours

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Click here to view the Facebook event. We will be doing a Facebook live event on Sunday, April 22 at 7:30pm to answer questions and talk about how we can improve our experience in our queer bodies even if we don't trust them. Please message us with a questions. We really look forward to chatting more about this!

Making Body Trust® Yours


Dates: Thursdays, April 26 - June 28

Time: 7pm - 8:30pm

Where: Q Center, 4115 N. Mississippi Ave*

Cost: $395 or $225 with partial scholarship**

Join us, Isaiah Bartlett and Sarah Thompson, for a weekly dive into how we can develop more compassion for ourselves as we learn what Body Trust means for each of us. 

*Q Center is wheelchair accessible. Contact us for more questions! 

**Edited to add: We absolutely acknowledge the financial barriers faced by our communities, particularly in this harsh political climate. We would welcome people who are interested in the group contacting us about making other arrangements to ensure that they could attend. This is our first time running this group and making future groups and events more accessible in the future is a priority for us. 


About the Making Body Trust Yours Group Program

As queer people, we are often taught to embrace fat acceptance and body positivity within our communities, while at the same time having internalized oppressive messages from dominant cultures. In this group, we will hold space for the trauma of existing within dominant culture with non-dominant identities while also empowering each other to heal collectively. Through curriculum based in Body Trust, Intuitive Eating, and Health at Every Size®, we will deconstruct diet culture, shame, and how to start trusting our bodies through a queer, feminist, and anti-assimilation lens.

What we have learned about having a body in our society leaves many of us disconnected from our bodies. We feel like we aren't enough. Or too much. Or both. We can get so overcome by shame about our bodies that we forget we can feel pleasure and joy. We might see dieting, eliminating foods from our diet, exercise, or other disordered eating as ways to gain some organization in a rather chaotic world. Body Trust offers us a way out. A way out of this merry-go-round that seems like it might never stop. 

Body Trust® is an approach to healing body shame and disordered eating based on the clinical work of Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC and Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD. The approach is designed for multi-disciplinary helping professionals to make a shift from a weight-normative to a weight-inclusive approach to care that includes recognition of what helps address intersectional oppressions that have made “body trust” challenging, unsafe or inaccessible.

Body Trust® is both a radical paradigm shift for helping professionals and a specialized, practical intervention for healing body shame and disordered eating that addresses internalized weight stigma and moves towards resilience and liberation from individual, cultural and systemic body oppression.

Certified Body Trust Providers and Advocates are multi-disciplinary professionals who have completed a rigorous and intensive training. They are dedicated to speaking on behalf of justice and inclusion. To become certified, Body Trust® providers agree to not promote dieting, specific food philosophies, or promise weight loss.

After the nine-week group program, you'll:

  • Understand what Body Trust looks like day-to-day

  • Recognize the effects of weight stigma and diet culture, and begin healing from them

  • Reduce the amount of shame you feel about your body and food

  • Start feeling more free to be in your body as it is

  • Have practical ways to practice self-compassion 

Meet Your Facilitators


Isaiah Bartlett, LCSW

Isaiah is a psychotherapist in private practice who specializes in working with queer and trans communities.  Isaiah approaches his work from an anti-oppressive lens with attention to feminist modalities of therapy.  Isaiah is a survivor of an eating disorder and has a particular interest in the intersections between gender dysphoria, exercise addiction, and eating disorders. 

Learn more about Isaiah here


Sarah Thompson, CBTA

Sarah Thompson is an eating disorder recovery coach and certified Body Trust Advocate. She has lived in a larger body for most of her life, and is in recovery from chronic dieting and an eating disorder. While she is fat, female, and queer, she recognizes that being a working-class, white, and cis gender woman has afforded her many privileges. Her work is done through an anti-oppression social justice lens, because acknowledging the trauma of oppression and stigma is part of healing. It's crucial in creating safer spaces for people who live with different non-dominant identities than myself.

Learn more about Sarah here


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