Ethical Statement

What Influences My Perspective:

Health is not a moral imperative. I believe you are whole as you are. I believe each person has the right to decide what health means them.

While I am fat, female, and queer, I recognize that being a middle-class, white, and cisgendered woman has afforded me many privileges. I strive to listen and learn about experiences that differ from mine. My own experience influences my passion for social justice with a basis in radical self-love and body empowerment for ALL bodies.  

I believe that my primary duty is to you. I acknowledge that there is a power differential between a healthcare professional and a patient. I believe our sessions are a partnership to work towards what you desire. I believe each person is the expert on their own body. I believe that it is your choice how we proceed with your treatment. I believe consent is of utmost importance for acupuncture and body work of any kind. I believe in trauma-informed practices.

I believe that in order to create an atmosphere where self-love and body empowerment are cultivated, we need a foundation in weight-neutrality and Body Trust. I believe that we deserve to live in a world free from weight-bias and stigma. I believe that Health at Every Size, intuitive eating, Body Respect, and Body Trust are philosophies that offer an alternative to mainstream views of weight and wellness.