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Photography by  Vivienne McMaster

Photography by Vivienne McMaster


SJ Thompson is a radical and innovative speaker, writer, Certified Body Trust® provider, eating disorder recovery coach, and consultant. SJ is a thought leader in the Health at Every Size®, Body Trust®, eating disorder treatment and recovery, body image, and LGBTQIA+ communities. They have been featured on popular podcasts, such as, Food Psych, Do No Harm, Love Food, Reclaim, and Fearless Rebelle Radio. SJ is a white, fat, queer, non-binary person who seeks to understand the connection between trauma, identity, and systemic oppression. Author of the popular blog, Resilient Fat Goddex, they have been quoted in the New York Times, Blood + Milk, and SELF. SJ is a Midwestern transplant currently living in Portland, Oregon who loves Grey’s Anatomy, bubble tea, and their friends’ animals.

SJ is available to speak about a wide range of topics.

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Workshops available to be tailored to your group:

  • Student Wellness at Every Size

  • Cultivating Resilience While Queer, Trans, and Gender Nonconforming

  • Cultivating Resilience Through Body Trust®

  • How I Learned to Trust my Body

  • Confessions of a [Fat, Queer, Non-binary] Eating Disorder Survivor

  • Eating Away at Gender

  • Improving Outcomes for Larger-Bodied Patients

  • Weight, What?

  • Weight Stigma in Healthcare and How to Reduce Harm

  • Being Resilient at the Doctor

  • Student Healthcare at Every Size


"I have had the honor of seeing Sarah present twice, once at the National University of Natural Medicine and once in affiliation with Be Nourished in Portland, Oregon. Sarah speaks from a place of authority and heart with the evidence to back up what they are saying. Their presentations are clear and to the point, and I believe they are filling a vital role in educating us all on the intersections of gender, sexuality, size, and eating disorder care. I admire their willingness and ability to speak on topics that are complex and difficult, and they do so with confidence and grace. They are willing and able to answer questions that often do not have simple answers and meets people where they are with a non-judgemental stance. They are truly an asset to our community."

-Kristy Fassio, Certified Body Trust® Provider, Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Candidate


"I was so lucky to hear Sarah speak last October [2017] on a panel for Be I really appreciated her authenticity and integrity in what they were sharing. I had the sense that they knew the audience and was able to share what could be heard, may be useful and felt that Sarah knew the reasons why we were present and wanted to support us in our journey. They were/are supportive and inspiring and have walked the talk for sure. Since that time I have contacted them for support and other reasons. I learned so much from their presentation which changed my lens and practice and have just connected them to someone in our community in New Zealand because of who they are, what they stand for and how they communicate and connect with others. Thank you so much Sarah."

-Liz Gow, Post Grad Dipl Narrative Therapy, MNZAC, BSc OT, Certified Body Trust® Provider


"SJ is a force.  They are a passionate communicator about the complex intersections that accompany authentically occupying a body.   SJ is committed to justice and inclusion and will provide a world-expanding perspective.”

--Hilary Kinavey, co-founder of Body Trust® and Be Nourished, LLC.

"Sarah is knowledgeable, passionate, clear, and concise. She cares about what she speaks about, and speaks about what she cares about! She can tackle tough topics and hold her ground while also deeply listening to what others have to say when they have feedback or questions. Highly recommend!"

-Jennifer DiGennaro MA LLPC, Psychotherapist and Founder of Nourished Energy


"I feel lucky to have heard Sarah speak to students and healthcare providers about weight-inclusive medicine, weight stigma, eating disorders, and Body Trust®. Sarah's style is self-assured and pragmatic; Sarah manages to come across as deeply empathetic while equally direct. Sarah makes revolutionary ideas seem not only accessible, but necessary.

Every person in a body can benefit from learning about these concepts from them. Everyone working with people in bodies, especially those that have been impacted by stigma and oppression, can increase their positive impact and reduce inadvertent but real harm. Most importantly, everyone living in a marginalized body deserves access to these ideas and to peers and providers who understand them."

-Tracy Bitz, PMHNP, consultant, and educator


"As someone who is already invested in improving healthcare for larger bodied patients, I especially enjoyed learning from you how you handled people's questions. I also felt like there was new information for me and additional resources. The followup email with even more resources is especially helpful and generous. Seeing research about why this topic is important gives me the tools I need to keep having conversations with other providers about this topic. I think also giving us the perspective of larger bodied patients always helps me maintain my motivation for learning, my understanding, and my blind spots.

-Maria C. Hicks, LAc, MSOM, MA


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