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After co-creating and co-launching Do No Harm Podcast in August 2017, I was interviewed a couple times related to this podcast. The rest of her interviews center around eating disorder recovery, body and fat liberation, Body Trust®, and Health at Every Size®, and her current work.

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Food Psych #155: Diet Culture in the Natural Health Field with Sarah Thompson

Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN, interviews me on the Food Psych Podcast. Join us as we talk about the barriers faced to getting an eating disorder diagnosis, the ways in which diet culture has infiltrated naturopathy and Chinese medicine, the lack of Health at Every Size education in healthcare programs, the false connection that diet culture makes between larger bodies and being unhealthy, weight bias in “food addiction” theory, and so much more! Plus, Christy answers a listener question about whether bingeing on fruits and vegetables is a sign of orthorexia.

For a transcript of this episode, click the image to go to the show notes. Scroll to the bottom and enter your email to receive the transcript. 


E001: introduction

Get to know co-hosts, DeAun Nelson who is a naturopathic physician and Sarah Thompson who is a MS candidate and Body Trust® Advocate candidate. We introduce our topic of what's possible in health care when we shift our focus off of weight and why it is important to each of us.


E002: Should there be a war on obesity?

*Disclaimer: We will be using the terms “overweight” and “obese” for this episode, because they are the medical terms currently being used. Therefore they have specific definitions. We find them offensive when used to describe people and will normally use the terms larger/smaller bodied, or fat/thin throughout the podcast. For show notes with citations, please click on the photo to the left. 

The “War on Obesity” has been raging for decades. Just like many similar wars, such as drugs and terrorism, it has a very nebulous enemy and never really has an end. These types of “wars” rarely accomplish their stated objective. This war is attacking ordinary, law-abiding citizens who happen to be traveling around in bodies that are larger than whatever society has deemed “appropriate”. From babies to the elderly, no one who is fat is truly safe from this war, nor are those who fear becoming fat. 


E003: The effect of weight stigma on health

Weight Stigma, and stigma in general, is an intricate and complicated subject that permeates the society we live in. We are all affected in some way by stigma, whether we are the subject of stigma, perpetrators of stigma, or both. Stigma also has a significant effect on long term health, making it an important subject for medical professionals to address personally and systemically.

For show notes with citations, please click on the photo to the left. 


E004: the effect of weight bias on care

*Content Warning:  If you live in a larger body (whether you are a medical professional or not), please listen with caution. If it gets too hard to hear about the depth of weight bias, please pause and come back later. Or set up to have a friend listen to the episode as well, so that you have someone to speak to about it after you listen. We believe connection and community are crucial when living with weight bias. 

Because weight stigma is expressed through weight bias, it is necessary to discuss and examine our own weight bias as medical professionals and medical professionals in training. There is a growing body of research showing that weight stigma has a *significant* effect on long term health, making it an important subject for medical professionals to address personally and collectively. So we will spend today’s episode diving into what weight bias is, the research, and what we can do about it.

For show notes with citations, please click on the photo to the left. 


RY33: Let’s Do No Harm In Healthcare with Sarah Thompson and Dr. DeAun Nelson

Sarah interviewed us while I was still co-hosting the Do No Harm Podcast. See what she wrote about the episode below. Click the photo to the left for show notes. 

This is the first time I have had a duo on my show. We are chatting with the brilliant people from the new podcast: Do No Harm. Obviously, as a healthcare practitioner who also is a body image coach: I had to have them on! Basically, I wanted to geek out with some people who I knew would get it, and who I also knew are doing much needed and amazing work. This was one of my personal favorite conversations I have had thus far.


FRR 113 – Health Without The Scale – With DeAun Nelson and Sarah Thompson

Summer interviewed us while I was still co-hosting the Do No Harm Podcast. See what she wrote about the episode below, and click the photo to the left to see the show notes. 

We talk about what factors influence our health, how to stop blaming yourself for not being able to lose weight and how to advocate for your health at the doctor. In this episode we chat about, 

  • Their advice to people who hold resentment or blame themselves for not being able to lose weight,
  • How to find your own definition of health and why focusing on “healing over health” might be a more useful and compassionate strategy,
  • What to do at the doctor to communicate your needs and advocate for better care,
  • How to find a health at every size practitioner. . .AND MORE!

Recovery Stories: Recovering despite weight stigma in eating disorder treatment - the Eating disorder recovery podcast

In this podcast, Tabitha Farrar interviews me about my recovery, and my journey into body positivity. We also discuss:

  • Being queer and having an eating disorder
  • Weight stigma in eating disorder treatment
  • The Be Nourished retreat and certification
  • Recovery in an environment that encourages restriction and weight loss

i’ve been at a higher weight and lower weight. i fear my body changing again. (episode 116 with sarah thompson) - Love, Food

Each week, Julie Duffy Dillon answers a question from a listener. This episode she had me on to help answer the question. See the listener questions below. Click the photo to the left to go to the show notes. 

Are you healing your relationship with food and your body and are coming to the point of beginning to crave joyful movement and gentle nutrition, but are worried that delving into this part of the Food Peace™ journey will jeopardize your recovery? Are the people around you still stuck in diet culture, and you’re finding your relationship with them increasingly difficult as you move closer to Food Peace™? Listen now as special guest, Sarah Thompson, and Julie Duffy Dillon give their take on these Food Peace™ challenges.


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