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 Photography by  Vivienne McMaster

Photography by Vivienne McMaster


Sarah Thompson is a dynamic, engaging, and informative speaker. They are available to speak about a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Eating disorders
  • Weight stigma and bias
  • How to increase patient retention with larger bodied clients
  • Acknowledging and unpacking white privilege
  • Trans and gender diverse experiences
  • Fat liberation
  • Fat positivity
  • Body positivity
  • Body image
  • Embodiment
  • Healing relationship with food and body
  • Body Trust®
  • Health at Every Size®
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Movement
  • Their own story of recovery as a queer, fat, non-binary person

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"I have had the honor of seeing Sarah present twice, once at the National University of Natural Medicine and once in affiliation with Be Nourished in Portland, Oregon. Sarah speaks from a place of authority and heart with the evidence to back up what they are saying. Their presentations are clear and to the point, and I believe they are filling a vital role in educating us all on the intersections of gender, sexuality, size, and eating disorder care. I admire their willingness and ability to speak on topics that are complex and difficult, and they do so with confidence and grace. They are willing and able to answer questions that often do not have simple answers and meets people where they are with a non-judgemental stance. They are truly an asset to our community."
-Kristy Fassio, Certified Body Trust® Provider, Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Candidate
"Sarah is knowledgeable, passionate, clear, and concise. She cares about what she speaks about, and speaks about what she cares about! She can tackle tough topics and hold her ground while also deeply listening to what others have to say when they have feedback or questions. Highly recommend!" 
-Jennifer DiGennaro MA LLPC, Psychotherapist and Founder of Nourished Energy

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